WantTo, Business


About WantTo
WantTo is an Advertising agency that I set up with 2 classmates. We work on advertising related assignments to learn more in different areas. This was because we were sometimes asked for a job, we wanted to do more work and we noticed that the business part was not offered within the school.

What we do
We help brands create dynamic identities that respond to change. Just a visual identity is no longer sufficient to capture a brand’s DNA. Brands need to adapt to the change. Brands shape people; they shape culture they change the world en the world changes them. They have a responsibility to inspire customers to act on social causes. A brand needs to be radically better, should it actively help consumers to make conscious choices.
By being trendwatchers we merge outstanding creativity with a keen understanding of todays world we help brands indicate the future and help them to adapt to these changes. We create impact that turns brands into something else. Something with meaning with a positive view to change the way we experience the world around us. We share a common desire to achieve measurable and sustainable results.