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pim, hermans, beringe, limburg, rotterdam, willem de kooing

I’m born and raised in a small village in Limburg called Beringe. After high school I studied Graphic Design at SintLucas. And Now I live & study in Rotterdam for my bachelor Advertising at Willem de Kooning.

I’m passionate about Advertising, Creative Concepts, Design & Branding. I strive that my work is based on a combination of a commercial & social level. Thoughtful, perfection and unique is therefore always a goal for me.

pim, hermans, advertising, creative, branding
Creative without strategy is called ‘art’ Creative with strategy is called ‘advertising’

Jef I. Richards

Pablo Rochat, creative, inspiration, hero

As a creative, there are always projects or individuals that inspire you. For me that is Pablo Rochat, a creative content maker, whose work speaks for itself and who, in my opinion, is ahead of the curve in the creative social media world.

Read moment, reading, education, train

I also find it very educational, calming & fun to read about creativity, in the broadest sense. Sometimes I have a certain fascination about it, or some subjects just appeal to me and I want to know more about it. Every Monday and Friday I have a reading moment on the train.

Would you like to get to know me better & eat a piece of Limburgs vlaai together? Please contact me!

📱+31 611174449💌

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